Auckland’s Professional Garden Services Company

Returning clients are a excellent testimonial of our work

Naturescapes has been designing, creating and maintaining gardens across Auckland for 15+ years. Throughout this time, we have continued to sustain our relationships with our clients while working on various garden and landscape projects – contributing positively to soil systems, the environment and the well-being of the people living within them.

As a testament to our work ethic, we still work in gardens we cared for when we started. We love returning to these gardens to see how far we and the gardens have come. Over this time, everything has grown – the plants, the soil, our knowledge and our team of passionate people.


Managing Director

Loren has been living and breathing plant life for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a sub-tropical nursery has given her green thumbs and a passion for foliage and flowers. With a degree in art and design as well as nursery and landscape work, Loren has developed a practical, knowledgeable and creative set of skills, bringing a passion of design, plants and soil to her projects.

Completing the Permaculture Design Certificate and the Landscape Design Certificate in more recent years has build on a solid foundation of plant knowledge and design studies. These studies have refined the way she looks at landscapes, garden, space, design and the environment.

As the hands-on Managing Director of Naturescapes for the past 18 years she has used this time to develop and broaden her awareness of plants and their needs, continuing to educate herself wherever possible. As a result, she has acquired an extensive knowledge base, with a sustainable approach becoming a focal point in Loren’s work.


Coming from a background in native restoration, Zeb has been working with plants for over 10 years. He is passionate about our natural environment and our beautiful Waitakere Ranges. He has completed a permaculture design certificate and brings these principals to his work.

A natural and fine tuned eye as well as a full circle approach, means Zeb can bring efficient and harmonious ideas and care to your projects.


Growing up in the West Auckland region with childhood connections to the west coast area, Brayden was introduced to the natural environment at an early age. Calling Waitakere home, surrounded and inspired by nature every day, Brayden brings a wealth of landscaping skills and knowledge to our Naturescapes team.

A hard worker who thrives within the challenge of transforming a garden, Brayden’s keen eye keeps your hedges sharp and the shapes flowing, his passions keep your garden looking its best.



Derek has been working on and off for Naturescapes for about 8 years. After a time away running is own garden and landscape company, we and our clients, are delighted to have him back with us again, running our teams and taking charge of garden tidy ups and installations.


You are likely to meet him when your project starts and the magic begins. He is a passionate and hard working gardener with a great eye for detail and love of getting things done.


My earliest gardening experiences go back to my childhood; as a boy I loved being around plants, climbing trees and helping my grandfather with his vegetable garden. In my adult life I have studied and worked in horticulture, landscape design and ecological restoration.

Native plants inspire me  as well as how we can restore ecosystems through careful management and restoration. I have a keen eye for the aesthetic composition of plantings, in particular the way we can maximise gardens with combinations of form and colour.

I specialise in plant selection; garden design and I have experience in stone masonry.

I have a strong interest in permaculture systems. I also enjoy weaving, sculpture and painting. I love to cook too, especially from garden to table




Jennifer has worked with us at Naturescapes for a few years on site maintaining and installing gardens. After taking some time off to become a mum she has joined us again to help us keep the wheels turning  behind the scenes.

Having worked in gardens all over Auckland with us, Jennifer knows how to keep us running and is likely to be able to answer most of your questions that relate to booking and organisiation.