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Landscape and Garden Services


Garden Services for Auckland

Naturescapes has a passionate and knowledgeable team of landscape gardeners who provide a range of professional garden services in West Auckland and the surrounding areas.

A garden after a garden maintenance day in west auckland

Our services include: consultations, landscape design, installation, tidy ups and garden maintenance. Whether you are looking for ideas for your garden design – or a one off clean up is what you need – our landscape gardeners have the expertise and vision to help you with your project.

Lovers of nature, movement, beauty, form, texture, we are passionate about putting these elements together to create functional, harmonious outdoor spaces that reflect your values and lifestyle.

We have designed and maintained gardens throughout the Auckland region, from expansive rural properties to family backyards. Flourishing in a range of landscape and garden environments, we love native to subtropical, whimisical to zen, as well as revegetation projects.



What people say about us

Naturescapes has worked in our large garden (over an acre) now for several years. Her vast knowledge in regard to care , pruning , feeding and garden design has never failed to impress us. She has a sound practical knowledge and helped numerous times when we have had problems with the health of plants, the care of our roses and what is required for our specialist plants, natives and tropicals.

The garden always looks wonderful when she has been here and we are more than happy to recommend her to any future client.


Vicky and David   |  Auckland


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Garden & Landscape Design

Your garden is a place to relax and unwind, connect and celebrate. Let us help you to create functional, beautiful spaces to spend time.

Garden services in West Auckland covering design, installation and maintenance services.

Garden Maintenance Services

It takes time, energy, passion and love to keep a garden looking its best. We mix this with a bit of know how and great collection of tools, which gives us tidy and effecient garden maintenance services for the Auckland area.


We can assist you with deciding on design elements as we talk with you about your ideas and requirements. This can lead onto site plans and plant lists if required. Our consultation service will provide you with information that will guide you if you decide you want to install the garden yourself. The consultation will also allow you to see how we might best put together a package for you going forward if you want to engage in our services further.

Garden Waste Removal after Garden Maintenance West Auckland

green waste removal

Naturescapes provides a green waste removal service. We are passionate about preserving the environment and promote sustainable waste management practices. Offering garden waste removal services throughout the West Auckland area, we will pick up prefilled wool sacks or load the garden waste for you.

Bluestone Kerbs

Classy, rustic, solid and elemental. These kerbs are an excellent material for  good looking, long lasting edges and steps. We offer a delivery service, if you are unable to pick up.

Garden Maintenance service West Auckland

Tree Pruning Services

We can tackle your unruly, over grown or unshapely trees to bring beauty, form and light back to your grounds. Contact us to get more info on our tree and hedge pruning services.

Noxious Weed SERVICES

Noxious Weed Removal in Auckland Naturescapes can help you with noxious weed removal or problems with pest plants big or small and can offer organic solutions to the home garden as well. Our consultation service gives you advice on how you can best remove your own noxious weeds and help you with a plan. Our garden services can help you with the practical side of getting the work done.

Pre-Sale Garden Makeover

Planning to sell your home and in need of a pre-sale garden tidy up? Naturescapes garden services will refresh and revitalize your outdoor gardens and lawns before you put your house on the market. Our skilled team is here to clear out the weeds, shape up the edges and take care of the plants on your property.



A regular garden service and maintenance visit keeps this Auckland garden looking great

Are you tired of looking at your drab patch of lawn or sad and wilted garden?
When you have a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find the time to care for your garden, and
before long things can get out of control. Read more here..

NOXIOUS WEEDS in your garden?

onehunga garden centre west auckland

With all of this rain and warm weather, noxious weeds are growing like mad, which makes it the perfect time of year to be identifying problems and coming up with solutions to remove them.  

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