Are you tired of looking at your drab patch of lawn or sad and wilted garden? ​

When you have a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find the time to care for your garden, and before long things can get out of control. However, the good news is, improving the look of your garden can actually be very simple.

Whilst we always recommend using a professional gardening company to keep your garden in the best possible shape, should you choose to go it alone, find below some useful tips!​

Think about textures

Rather than just planting pretty flowers, think about adding some texture to your garden.
Leaves and shrubs with interesting patterns can add some visual variety and are often very
hearty plants that look good year round. ​

Utilise pots

Garden beds are great, but it can also be really aesthetically pleasing to plant small trees and shrubs in pots. You can choose pots that express your unique garden styling and can dress up any courtyard or backyard space. ​

Fresh lawn

A garden is only as good as its lawn. Keep your grass freshly mowed and neat to accentuate the features of your garden, and to allow space to enjoy the fruits of your labour. ​

Use vines and creepers

If you are going for a green and luscious look, try planting vines or creepers along your fence lines. This will create your own garden wonderland seemingly separated from the outside world. ​

Furnish your space

Put in some outdoor furniture like a table and chairs, a deck chair, or a bench. This will give the effect of an outdoor room, and also gives you somewhere to sit and take in the serenity. ​

Colour is key

Choose flowers that exhibit the kind of colour palette you want your garden to exude. Think about placement and how the colours will work together over different seasons. ​

Keep a routine

Make time to care for and tend your garden every week. This might include cutting the grass, fertilizing the lawn, and weeding. If you are simply too busy, enlist the help of the professionals!

This article was written in conjunction with Storage and removal company Hire Storage.

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