After what feels like a relentless wet and stormy 6-9 months, Matariki is in sky and the daffodils are out again. With this brings the hope of a little more sun in our growing season ahead. The buds are swelling on my peaches. The magnolias are blooming. We are on the doorstep of spring. The birds can feel it, the plants can feel it, I can feel it. It feels good.

We have been planting all through the winter, rain or shine and have some lovely native gardens that are powering into this next season already. There is still time to get the plants in and by the feel of it, perhaps this is the best time. There is some warmth in the winter sun on these beautiful, cloudless, days and there is lots of moisture in the warming soil. These elements will encourage the plants to grow their roots down and out creating a more sustainable root system to support them through their drier days of summer.

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Fruit Tree Pruning Auckland
We have started a little nursery that is supplying natives to some of our planting jobs. I really enjoy my time in the nursery and this is something I see growing into a larger part of what we do. I love being able to grow these to a slightly larger grade, having plants that have instant impact in the garden when we do our plantings. I also love growing plants that thrive in gardens in West Auckland. I know that if they are thriving out here in the nursery, they are going to go from power to power in gardens out here too.

The pruning of the fruit trees is also high on our list of garden tasks right now. This is a service that we offer, if you need a hand with this, let us know. We are happy to get that job done for you, or to show you how to do it yourself on a day where you join us in your orchard.

This is the moment of potential. All things are possible. The great flush, bloom and boost is about to happen – The time to plant is now!

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